If you chose an existing customer, you must fill in the existing card number below. If you chose New Customer, ignore it.
INSERT THE 12 CARD NUMBERS (in case of existing customer)
This is the Name that will be registered to the ZAP Box
Choose your country?
Choose your Province. *** (State) If your Province is not in the selection choose another one and enter in Line 2 of the Address.
If your City is not in the selection, choose another one and enter it in Line 2 of the Address.
Enter your Identification No.
Select the ZAP Box HD if you already have Antenna, or Select ZAP Box HD + ZAP Kit
Select how many TVs you want to watch ZAP on.
Payments are made to a ZAP SAT account by PHOTO at one of the banks of your choice (Mercantile Bank or Standard Bank).
In case of making a Cash Deposit, you must add 45.00R up to 500.00R and higher, 45.00R for each 500.00R
Please indicate the date you want the installation to take place and the person to contact on site. Other Useful Information.
The name of the reseller must be filled out in order to leave the Membership form so that this customer can be assigned and registered in your account.
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